The links below are free, online journals in the field of language learning, teaching and assessment.

English learning areas in pre-primary classrooms: an investigation of their effectiveness

Free online publication, edited by Penelope Robinson, Sandie Mourão and Nam Joon Kang.

English Language Teaching

A Canadian peer-reviewed journal focusing on theory and practice in English language teaching and learning; teaching English as a second or foreign language; and English language teachers’ training and education.

English Teaching: Practice and Critique

A peer-reviewed research journal from New Zealand focusing on English teaching and literacy.

Humanising Language Teaching

A collection of articles and lesson ideas from Pilgrims.

In English

A magazine published by the British Council in Portugal for teachers of English. The magazine was originally launched in December 1979 under the name of the Newsletter.

Language Learning and Technology

An academic journal dedicated to uses of technology across language learning topics, focusing on second language acquisition and computer-assisted language learning.

The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language

A peer-reviewed journal and a range of downloadable books.

Teaching English with Technology

A peer-reviewed online journal focused mainly on the use of technology in TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages).

The Teacher Trainer (archive of articles)

The Teacher Trainer journal requires a subscription, but the editors have compiled this selection of articles from previous issues which are all available free.

The Internet TESL journal

A collection of short articles, research reports and more, from 1996  to 2010.

The Asian EFL Journal

Although full access requires subscription (very cheap at $5 for 6 months) there is a free option with access to articles.

“Tell it Again! The Storytelling Handbook for Primary English Language Teachers”
This new revised edition of ‘Tell it Again!‘ shows how a story-based methodology brings together the best of primary English language teaching and the rich and motivating resource of children’s literature.

Reading in a Foreign Language

A peer-reviewed international journal on many aspects of reading and literacy.