• To provide up to date information on the recent developments taking place in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language to children from 3 to 10 years old. (e.g. research, methodology);

  • To organize a regular APPInep Day at the APPI Annual Conference;

  • To continue producing the APPInep E-Newsletter, three times a year;

  • To support teachers and teacher trainers, working with children in this age group, by sharing ideas including teachers in urban and rural areas;

  • To run a virtual online discussion group for Primary English Teachers in Portugal;

  • To maintain an APPInep website for Primary English Teachers;

  • To set up an APPInep network of teachers throughout Portugal who can provide information about what is happening in local contexts and play an active role in promoting good practice through APPInep;

  • To organise a day of training, across the country, aimed at Primary English teachers: Primary English – Sharing Good Practice.

Together we hope to encourage a network of support for English teachers working in Portuguese primary schools, supporting local projects and ensuring a true exchange of information, ideas and experiences.

Tell us what you are doing, where you are – send us an e-mail with that information.

Maybe you can be an APPInep representative in your area – get in touch.